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Herbal Seasoning Blends

Herbal Seasoning Blends

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Say Hello to the Aspen Botanicals Seasoning Blend family! These Seasoning Blends have been a staple in my home for years, I hope you love them too.

Backyard BBQ Seasoning Blend
Take your favorite BBQ eats to the next level with this aromatic & savory seasoning blend.
Ingredients : Coriander*/Paprika* / Black Pepper*/ Cumin*/ Clove* *organic
2 oz

Green Thumb Garden Herbs Seasoning Blend
A vitamin & mineral rich, all purpose seasoning blend that’s great on poultry, fish, veggies, eggs, rice, potatoes, soups, the possibilities are endless!
Ingredients : Basil* / Thyme* / Rosemary*/ Parsley*/ Onion* / Garlic*/ Nutritional yeast* / Purple Dulse^/ Sesame seeds* *organic ^wild harvested
1.5 oz

Bakers Blend ; Baked Goods Best Friend
Elevate breakfast fare, breads & baked goods with Bakers Blend warming spices & the heart healthy benefits of Arjuna bark.
Ingredients : Cinnamon* / Allspice* / Arjuna bark*/ Nutmeg* *organic
2 oz

Not evaluated by the FDA : Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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