• Herbal Classes

    Herbalist & Creatrix, Jenna Handloff, offers a variety of interesting classes such as 'Tea & Tarot' & Small Group Experiences at Aspen Botanicals.

  • Private Sessions

    Take the next steps on your health journey & book a private consultation with the Herbalist at Aspen Botanicals. 

Greetings from the Herbalist

Welcome to the Aspen Botanicals community—a sanctuary for personal wellness and rituals. I'm Jenna — Herbalist, Mother, Tarot enthusiast, Green Witch, Ceremonialist and everyday tea drinker. With over a decade of herbal practice under my hat, I founded Chick + Mum for mom and baby self-care and now, Aspen Botanicals, my herbal sanctuary. Each day, I work to craft an energetic space in my cozy shop, embracing rituals like burning incense, preparing tea, and consulting the Tarot. These rituals deepen my self-care practices and guide me to better support your needs. Aspen Botanicals aims to foster self-discovery through herbal wellness, community education, and Women's Wellness support. Whether in person or online, I'm grateful for your presence.

OX Jenna.