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Step into a world of learning and discovery with Aspen Botanicals Classes and Events! Immerse yourself in enriching workshops, captivating seminars, and hands-on experiences designed to deepen your connection with nature and elevate your well-being. From herbalism and aromatherapy to mindful gardening and holistic nutrition, our diverse lineup of offerings caters to every interest and level of experience. Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and embark on a journey of growth, healing, and transformation.

Explore our upcoming events and let the magic of botanical education inspire you!

One hour session starting at $159

Consultation with an Herbalist: Jenna Handloff

If you have a desire to know more about herbs, using tools, energetic connection or how to enhance your ritual practices, please set up a one-on-one consultation.  

  • This includes one remedy - herbal tea, ritual bath, ritual smoke, flower essence, etc - that is chosen specifically for you and your inner journey.
  • Add Tarot reading for $39
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Intensive : October 11 & 12, 2024

Womb Wellness : Seasons of the Moon Cycle Intensive

An herbal Intensive focusing on Womb Wellness, the journey of nourishment and self-care through the seasons of the menstrual cycle, and the creative energies held within the female reproductive system. 

  • Enjoy catered meals & herbal teas
  • Herbal Education relating to our cyclical flow
  • Moon Cycle (Menstrual) Education
  • Aspen Botanicals goods and more

Teachings by

Jenna Handloff, herbalist and Fertility Awareness Educator in Training

Keri Gower, Functional Chiropractor and ELDOA practitioner

Catered by Katie Lee, Hospitality goddess and chef

Sliding scale pricing so you can pay what works for you!


~ space is limited to 8 ~

Please contact Jenna to get registered

What to expect from the intensive...

One day Intensive : October 11 and 12 : $299-$449

Womb Wellness : Seasons of the Moon Cycle

A Womb Wellness Intensive focused on the journey of nourishment and self-care through the seasons of the menstrual cycle, and the creative energies held within the female reproductive system.  

Friday Evening Session : Welcome Dinner / Schedule overview

05:00 PM - Arrival and Welcome Dinner

  • Participants are greeted with herbal teas that support female health and dinner that supports warmth and comfort as we introduce ourselves and break down the coming day ahead. 

Saturday Morning Session: Welcome and Grounding

08:00 AM - Arrival and Breakfast / Welcome Tea

  • Participants are greeted with herbal teas that support female health, setting a tone of warmth and community, and will enjoy a breakfast made with quality ingredients that help to nourish the body in the  Follicular Phase.

08:30 AM - Opening: Intentions and Grounding Practice

  • A guided meditation focusing on grounding and connecting with one's body and menses, followed by setting personal intentions for the day.

Mid-Morning: Education and Awareness

09:00 AM - Workshop: Getting to know the Seasons of your Cycle

  • An educational workshop led by Jenna Handloff, Herbalist and FAE in training,  covering the menstrual cycle's phases, their characteristics, and how they can affect physical, emotional, and creative energies.

Break from 11:00-11:15

11:15 AM - Herbs and Herbal Therapies for Feminine Health

  • An herbal educational session with Jenna  designed specifically to support reproductive health, emphasizing plants that enhance the feminine body and provide balance to the reproductive organs.
  • Vaginal Steaming
  • Tea Drinking
  • Tincture methods
  • Supplements

Noon: Nourishment and Reflection

12:30 PM - Nourishing Lunch 

  • A communal lunch featuring foods that support hormonal balance and overall reproductive health made with quality ingredients that help to nourish the body in the Ovulatory Phase.

01:00 PM - Reflective Journaling  / Take a Walk / Grounding / Tree sit

  • Time allocated for personal reflection through journaling, or time alone on a walk

***Grounding practices bring you a sense of relief and a time to check in with the magnitude of nature, it impacts our entire system***

Afternoon: Deepening Connection 

02:00 PM - Workshop: Creative Energies and the Feminine

  • Exploring the link between the reproductive cycle and creative energies, this workshop includes sharing activities to tap into and express these creative forces - dancing, bathing rituals, moon bathing, art, poetry, crafting, etc in relationship to the season of the cycle
  • We will also discuss how to prepare for events and life schedules while also attuning to the seasons of the cycle. 
  • Share how indigenous cultures would honor the creative nature of a woman during her moontime

03:30 PM - The Nervous System with Keri Gower

  • ELDOA, Nervous System Support through stretching and movement

Late Afternoon: Integration and Closing

04:30 PM - Integrative Circle: Sharing Insights and Gratitude

  • Participants gather to share insights, breakthroughs, and expressions of gratitude. This serves as a powerful integration of the day's experiences.

05:15 PM - Break

05:30 PM - Closing Ceremony

  • A closing ritual that honors the journey of the day and a final group meditation focusing on carrying the day's nourishment, education and insights forward.

06:00 PM - Nourishing Dinner

  • Nourishment for the closing of our day made with quality ingredients that help to nourish the body in the Luteal Phase.

08:00 PM - Hot Springs Trip for those interested in attending, separate booking, additional cost

Additional Notes:

  • Wellness Stations: Throughout the intensive; stations for tea, water, and light snacks,  aromatherapy, flower essences and skincare known to support female health.
  • Personalized Care Packs: Each participant receives a care package at the end of the retreat, including items such as herbal teas, Yoni Steam, and information on women's wellness.
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All Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes long

Classes in the New Space

Practical Magic Class: $33

Using herbs for intention in Everyday Life

Medicine Crafting The Wise Woman Way: $33

Learn how to make self care and other natural goods in the Wise Woman Tradition

Space is limited on all classes : email or head over to

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This event requires pre-registration

Full Moon Ceremony

Join us for a night of Celebrating the Fullness of the Moon!

A special 2 hour gathering: Herb Crafting | Yoga | Gongs

Our next Ceremony is Thursday May 23rd : 5:30-7:30

 Hosted by:

  • Jenna Handloff | Language of the Plants & Herb-crafting
  • Kris Rowse | Astrology & Sound Healing
  • Brooke Carpenter | Yoga & Movement

Please email to reserve your spot.

  • ​Space is Limited | Strawberry Park Location
  • Cancellation Policy : If you are holding a space and are unable to attend,  48 hour notice of cancellation is required to receive reimbursement.  

can be booked as a one-on-one or group experience

Tea & Tarot

Choose between...

Herbal Tea Time, a hand blended tisane (herbal infusion) by Jenna or Gong Fu Cha style tea Ceremony (a caffeinated tea) 

We will sip and embark on a Tarot reading connecting us to the inquiries and conversations that blossoms as we share time and space together.

  • Individual reading: 45 mins : $59 
  • Group up to 6: 1.5 hours : $179

These experiences require pre-registration

Please email if you have further questions.

Create a class for a fun and special gathering

Small Group Experiences

Email Jenna, with your inquiry and Jenna will help you set up the rest.

  • 3-5 people: $199 / 1.5 hour class
  • 3-5 people: $259 / 2 hour class

​Each additional person is $39

​ALL Materials included : you will go home with something you craft in class. 

{Kids Magical Birthday Party - please inquire}

These Ceremonies bring focus to the Mother

Blessing Way & Closing Ceremonies

A Blessing Way is a Ceremony to acknowledge the shift from Maiden into Mother - prior to birth. A Closing Ceremony holds space for the Mother to tell her birth story and in accompanied by a Rebozo Closing which helps to close the birth portal - post birth

These ceremonies include the Mother and close allies. I encourage inviting individuals who support and love you deeply to participate in these sacred ceremonies with you.  

Note: These are not baby showers!

  • 2 Hour BlessingWay package - $299 (Mother and up to 8 guests)
  • 1.5 Hour Closing Ceremony - $189 (Mother and up to 4 guests)

 I love catering to your wants and needs, once you decide that a Ceremony is right for you we will have a short meeting to discuss your BlessingWay or Closing.

Please contact Jenna at