tea time in the Apothecary with owner, Jenna Handloff, Steamboat Springs CO

Fantastic Five!

This week I am celebrating Five fantastic years as the owner of Aspen Botanicals. It is surreal. I bought Aspen Botanicals before the confusion and shut down of Covid-19 and am surprised and perplexed at the triumph of holding down a business, SOLO, for five years.  

I am thankful! I am thankful for this beautiful opportunity and to have met you (if you have been able to visit me in the shop) over the past five years.  

As a woman entrepreneur I have faced many strains and gains, relied on countless individuals to hold me up and encourage me to keep going and have worn many, MANY hats from product creation to management to marketing to customer service to educator.  This is delightfully exhausting work!

One of the most fulfilling aspects of owning Aspen Botanicals is the ability to give back to my community. I have discovered over the last five years that the apothecary is a place for seeking support, advice, comfort and curiosity, not just a place to purchase goods and restock your herb cabinets.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to hold space for you!

As the tides turn and Earth continues to spin, there is room for growth and reshaping the way in which I do my work and bring forth focused support to you all.  One-on-one work and fertility awareness education are my aims for the future as your local herbalist (and soon, Fertility Awareness Educator), to empower you with knowledge and support. This not only propels my work within my local community, but also beyond the confines of my quaint little shop. Making informed decisions about your health fosters a sense of trust and connection within a community and I want to be on the front lines.  By providing personalized services, I can address the unique needs of each of you, offering tailored advice and support. 

The shop is also going to shift from primarily a space of retail to an educational space and a place for additional offerings from my community.  This has been a dream of mine, and as I have watched the retail aspect of my work take a hit (from people moving away from this area to the rise in the cost of EVERYTHING) I am ready to embark on a new shape and form.  

This is a dream job and I am excited to watch the dream develop and grow.  Thanks for coming along on the ride!



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