Buds, Sprouts, & a Tinge of Green

Buds, Sprouts, & a Tinge of Green

My daily drive into Steamboat Springs is beginning to awaken, this is my favorite time of year. I am beginning to see the tinge of green cover the hillsides and I'm taking in the sounds of the returning birds. Soon the Daffodils will say hello and the Crab Apple Blossoms will burst forth bringing the sound of the buzzing bees. May 1st, May Day or Beltaine, is a time for honoring fire, that deep Earthly fire that is waking up the world beneath our feet. This is, especially for those of us in harsh Winter climates. a celebration of making it through the cold, dark months of Winter. It is a magical time of blossoming. Here we are! Growth is happening in the physical spaces around us, and this is a sweet and tender reminder that we are, in fact, doing the same blossoming within. I find myself sowing seeds for creativity (gathering supplies, brainstorming, dreaming) I am sowing seeds for connection (educating, family time, ritual and ceremony) I am sowing seeds for bliss and balance (adjusting priorities, physical activity, fun) This takes a daily practice, writing down lists, breathing deeply and *working on this one* giving myself some grace.

Start your "seed bank" so you can nurture your goals and desires. Make a list or journal, don't think too hard just start writing, it is quite amazing what comes to the forefront when you see the words on paper. Pick out two to three key words and re-write them to make them bold. Now, nourish those elements of yourself, declare verbally what it is that you want from these seeds and find ways to remind yourself of these seeds daily for at least one Moon Cycle (Full Moon to Full Moon or New Moon to New Moon). The Summer months will be here before we know it, which correlates with high activity/high output. I will be immersing in this buzzing community as I head into Farmers Market Season, teach classes at Elkstone Farm, continue to offer Full Moon Ceremony and Tea & Tarot, build retreats (yep, its happening) and see you for consultations and ritual support. I will also be honoring my bliss and balance seeds by spending more time with my two kids. I will be out of the shop on Tuesdays for June, July and August. As always, thank you for you support, this work is my life force and I am so honored to share it with you. In Health and Happiness ~ Jenna Shop Hours for May Tues - Fri 11:00a - 4:00p Saturday 10:00a - 3:00p Summer Shop Hours beginning in June Wed / Thurs / Fri 11:00am- 4:00p Saturdays at the Farmers Market 9:00a - 2:00p Feel free to place an order for bulk herbs, teas, honey and bath salts during the week and pick it up at the Farmers Market on Saturday! If you'd like to schedule a private shopping experience that includes one-on-one support please email me at hello@aspenbotanicals.com _______________________________________________________________

Full Moon Ceremony Monday May 16th : 5:30-7:30pm : $39 Join Kris Rowse, Brooke Carpenter and Myself for an evening of Community and Ceremony as we honor the Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Eclipse Yoga ~ Herb Crafting ~ Gongs This Ceremony fills quickly, please email to reserve your spot. _______________________________________________________________ Tea & Tarot at Aspen Botanicals Join us one Monday each Month for a Gong Fu Cha style tea ceremony and group Tarot reading. June 6th : 9am - 10:30am $33 paid in advance to hold your spot : Space is Limited { No prior knowledge to ceremony or Tarot required }

_______________________________________________________________ There are some amazing things coming up! This event is right around the corner!!! Reiki Training level 1 & 2 with Sharon Kelley If you're interested in becoming a practitioner in this ancient Japanese healing practice, NOW is the TIME! May 13-15, 2022 For more information visit www.sharinenergy.com Space is limited for this training, please don't wait! Steamboat Springs Farmers Market is upon us! This year Aspen Botanicals will have TWO booth spaces, making room for... DIY Herb Crafts Sun Tea for purchase Some of my homemade Cottage Foods Tarot Readings and more! Saturdays beginning June 11th : 9am-2pm on Yampa Street I will also be teaching out at Elkstone Farm once again this Summer! Check out the Community Apothecary Program, I will be sharing some of my favorite herbal crafts and rituals! www.elkstonefarm.com/events/ Right Now there are lots of in-Store Specials 20% off Powdered Facial Masks 20% off ALL Freiling tea pots and french presses 25% off ALL remaining Premier Research Labs supplements 15% off select books I also have Garden Tools and Gathering Bags from BareBones Living while supplies last! These items go quickly so hurry in! _______________________________________________________________

Trauma Response I am always awakened by the many shapes and variations that trauma takes on in the physical and emotional states that make us whole. Everyday I talk to at least one person who is moving through the heavy waters of trauma. I, too, am working to understand my own trauma response, knowing that trauma looks/feels/moves through us all differently, as we are all unique.

I am regularly asked to offer advice about how to "be" or "move through " this state. This is no easy question to tackle, and for each one of us the protocol will look its own way.

My instincts, always, are to tend to the heart - Hawthorn, Rose (petals and hips), Motherwort, Linden - this can be an herbal tea that is sipped (my preferred ally) or taken as a tincture. These herbs can also be burned for a short time on a charcoal to help soften the physical spaces that may feel extra heavy.

These magnificent plants I've listed above speak directly to our physical and emotional hearts, as well as our circulatory and nervous systems.

I also believe in the power of oiling the body to increase energetic flow (an Ayurvedic tradition), moving energy through and out with yoga and breath work, the support of sound healing and vibration, and crying (I'm really good at this one).

There are many other facets and tools that can be implemented, I know that beginning this journey is hard, and know that we have a community rich in resources for supporting your health, healing and wellness, please reach out!

I blend a tea called Comfort thy Heart that I regularly encourage people to start with. Sipping this tea also helps to create a daily ritual, and rituals are regularly used to improve the state of ones well-being whether it be trauma, stress, anxiety or fear. ***Learn more about the art of creating ritual with me at the Elkstone Community Apothecary class this summer! As a reminder, I am not a licensed medical professional. I am not licensed to diagnose or treat disease. _______________________________________________________________

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